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UI & UX of their educational softwares



To redesign the flows

With tekman we worked some of their educational programs such as MyRoom, CiberEmat, Emat, among others.

We had to unite the methods they had to create projects for each one of the grades, unify the flows so the teachers had it easier to create courses, add students, upgrade them, etc.

One of the main problems was that the teachers were used to use one of their programs to add students, another to create the courses and their material, and different ones depending on the course of the students.

tekman 2.png
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Students management for every app

What they ask us for was to understand all the programmes and softwares they had and redefine the flows to the students management in every one of them.

Every programm was able to management just one course, and every time the students passed their course, the teacher had to upload all the names  with all their information, redo all the classes and the projects and invite the sudents to the material.

This was really annoying for the teachers, not only because they had to do it every year, but because the flows were difficult for them and the mistakes were reproduce too many times. 



Unify management

- To study all the platforms they had (Tekman has several programmes for students management).


- To Select the most important management actions of every app and redo all the flows in just one of the softwares, unifying the process of all of them so the teachers should only learn one proceed.

There was a work of not just redesign the flows of everry software, it was also to understand how it worked internally and technically so we would design something possible. 

The design was something secundary in this case, although we were able to change some things to make things look better and visually easier for the teachers. 

Another big challenge was the part when we had to redesign the kids platform because it was for a 3-7 years old children as users.

But the work didn't sttoped here, we also create a new chat between teachers and students, and the menu where we connected all the platforms the teacher could need to use.

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Accesibility & complexity

  • The teachers were used to have a lot of platforms to do a single task, which was indeed something we had to improve, but it was difficult to simplify the process when they had to re-understand how to do everything.

  • Technology was also a pain point in this case, because we had to understand really good how everything was build in order to make easier for the developers to develop the new software. We couldn't just design new flows and system , we had to understand the steps of every app, the needs of every process and the stoppers and dependencies of every procedure. 

  • Accesibility was one of the most important tasks on this project. We were working for teachers from 25 to more than 60 years old, so everything had to pass the w3c aa accessibility standards.

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