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La Meva Salut

UI & UX of their Salut App

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La meva salut

La me a Salut is the Generalitat's (Catalunya government) personal and digital portal health for all the Catalonians citizens. After the covid strike, all the digital portals has been rethought and revised so they were as useful as possible for the citizens and the sanitarians.
The app provides personal chats between doctor (or nurse) and pacient, your own medical and pills plan, clinical analysis, etc.
Also one of the most important flows we worked on was the following one. You can now in a easily way to ask for a medical appointment with the doctor you normally has visits.


We studied some others private platforms which worked in a similar way as doctoralia, and learn the best from them. 


Finding the value

  • After understanding what they need, we knew it was going to be difficult.  We wanted to give more value to the user by making the easiest app possible. 

  • The value of the case study approach was well used. the things we worked most was:

  • To reduce the time the user received his/her diagnose.

  • - Adding a calendar so the people could see easily all the medical dates they had. 

  • Centralized all the diagnostics, medical consultation,  medical information, etc.

  • To provide a centralized system for the management of medical records that are accessible from anywhere

  • Our target was between a big range of ages.



What did they had?

  • Users had difficulties finding their doctors. They didn`t know how to contact them or who to speak with.

  • Reminders were not easy to make. We worked hard with the calendar because was one of the best tools. 

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