Marta Lazpita

Common sense and creativity, hand by hand


Creation of projects where the common sense and creativity go hand in hand.

Any company, small or large, needs a strategy behind it. Let's build a brand with a value.

Illustrations made with different graphic techniques.

Creation of graphic projects where the illustration is the main element of the creativity

Let's build a website from scratch or with a CMS that you can later manage by yourself. 

Catalogs, books, flyers, leaflets, everything you may need.

Creation of corporate videos, next comings, IDs, summary, video editing, motion graphics, etc.


Barcelona, España  /  Tel. 629937387


Marta Lazpita

Graphic designer and illustrator in equal parts. With a long experience in web design, branding and video.

Instagram: @lazpita_studio

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Common sense and creativity, hand by hand

Tel. 629937387