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Cine con ñ

Cine con ñ (Cinema with ñ in spanish) is Cinema, it is reflection, it is Spain. To carry

es reflexión, es España.

For this redesign I took into acount the work, the care in the writing, the accessibility and the modern forms and formats.

Cine con n is a cinema website, where they talk about news, reviews pr articles related to the film industry.

En este proyecto me encargaron el rediseño del logotipo de la marca/blog de cine: Cine con ñ

The web is exclusively focused on cinema made in Spain and or by spanish people.

The project pretends to be an space where to think and speak about the cultural and aesthetic trends of the audivisual that is done in the State.

For all this, we use the letter Ñ as a differential value.

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