App design for the start up Kradleco. This company connect online shops, stores with a physical space and services of retail such as marketplaces or pop stores.

The main challenge in this app were three factors:

- The time I had to construct the architecture, make wireframes and design the app - just one month.

- The technical difficulties associated with having various types of users, not only with different roles but with different needs.

- The new pay mode for the stores and the way of stock shipment only by using the app.

For this reason, and after the study of severals apps that could help me see what existed and what worked, I focused on designs that were not old but did not require a great deal of interpretation by the user. I don't know The client was not clear about the app real concept of his business, and therefore the interpretation of what it could be, was more complex than I originally thought. 

Anyway, this was one of the projects I have most enjoyed designing.

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